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Tools and tips to help keep you safe
Your family's well-being is your top priority. That's why we offer guidance and resources to help you evaluate risk and stay savvy about safety.
A Message About Safety from Our Founder
Our commitment to safety
Background Checks
Learn about the options we offer to help you find the right care.
Safety Resources
Stay informed to help keep you and your family safe.
For Families
How to communicate without sharing your contact information until you're ready.
Safety comes first when you're looking for someone to care for what matters most.
No matter what type of care you need, these guides will help you through the hiring process.
Helpful tips and suggested questions to ask so you can make the right choice.
Keep your child safe by asking yourself these 5 questions
For Caregivers
Find out how running a background check on yourself can help you during your job search.
Educate yourself about online scams and ways to protect yourself against them.
Safety FAQs
Answers to the most frequently asked safety questions.